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A bishop, seven Trappist monks and 11 other religious men and women killed by extremists in Algeria in the 1990s will soon be recognized as martyrs, the postulator for their causes said. The decree f.

Modern Algerian literature, split between Arabic and French, has been strongly influenced by the country’s recent history.Known poets in modern Algeria are Moufdi Zakaria, Mohammed Al Aid from the middle of the 20th century, and Achour Fenni, Amar Meriech and Azrag Omar in the late 1980s.

Religion in Algeria is dominated by Muslims at about ninety-nine percent of the population. The vast majority of Muslims in Algeria adhere to Sunni Islam of Maliki school of jurisprudence.

The Arab Republic of Egypt is located in the northeastern region of the African continent, bordering both the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

View detailed information on Algeria including data on religious adherents, religious freedoms, demographics, and other social measures. Compare Algeria to other nations using the Compare tool.

1. Over 90% of Algeria is covered by the Sahara desert. 2. Albert Camus, the Nobel Prize winner and world-renowned French writer, was born in Algeria in 1913.

View detailed information on Algeria including data on religious adherents, religious freedoms, demographics, and other social measures. Compare Algeria to other nations using the Compare tool.

Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space The population of Algeria is split evenly between urban and rural settings. The center of old cities is the casbah (Arabic for fortress), a market of serpentine alleyways and intricate arches where a variety of traditional crafts are sold, from carpets to baskets to pottery.

Algeria is located in North Africa on the Mediterranean Sea. The fertile and mountainous northern region is home to the olive tree, cork oak, and vast evergreen forests where boars and jackals roam.

He claims that “the subject had been overstressed by some alarmists and semi-religionists regarding the extent of the Christianization in Algeria, so that some have imagined that Algeria was about to become a part of the Christian world, or a place for a clash of religions. In the final analysis it is ‘Much Ado about Nothing’.”

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Algeria’s culture, just like the culture of any other country, reflects many fascinating traits inherited by it from its recent historical past. It is primarily dominated by religion, which is actively breathed in by Algerian people. Actually, it is a blend of religion, music, language spoken, rich literature that forms the culture of Algeria.

Most people who live here are either Arab or Berber and Islam is the official religion. All about Algeria Fun Earth Science Facts for Kids – Image of a Bridge in Constantine, Algeria Algeria is in northern Africa on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

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9. Algeria – 40,559,749. Islam, the official religion of Algeria, is also the religion practiced by the majority of the population of this country. Most are Sunni Muslims belonging to the Maliki school of jurisprudence, while a few are Ibadi, Shia, or.